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Craig's minutia

Welcome to my blog

DJ Nitrogen
23 March
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What to say about myself... My name is Craig Boyte. I really like (most) people, I like being around them, in front of them, entertaining them. I also love music, all types of music. I started DJing in high school as a hip-hop DJ in the 80's. I was huge into people like Big Daddy Kane, Schooly D, Public Enemy etc. At the same time I also really liked new wave (Depeche Mode, Cure, The Psychedelic Furs etc), some punk (Black Flag - my first concert ever, suicidal tendencies etc.) and 80's funk (Prince, Midnight Star, etc). In the 90's I discovered "techno" and really loved it, after that I discovered all of the different genre's of electronica. I am still a fan of most types of electronica.

Professionally after high school I dicked around for a while, then I got an associates degree in broadcasting from Brown collage. I tried going into broadcasting. I thought I would be the next big time TV or Radio broadcaster. I got my first radio job in a tiny town in Iowa, the job paid $5.50 an hour. I never even unpacked. I came back up to the cities and started DJing for parties and weddings at first, then I move into clubs. This kind of DJing paid 10 times more (well maybe not that much, but it seemed like it at the time), plus I was right in front of people AND I could drink and smoke on the job... It wasn't close. I was a professional club DJ throughout the 90's spinning 5 to 6 nights a week, most of the time in a few clubs in the Mall of America (Puzzles and Gators.) Spinning hip-hop, top 40, 90's alt rock and electronica. During this time I was going to Metropolitan State University and eventually received my bachelor's degree in media studies with a minor in web mastering.

In 1998 on a fateful Sunday there was a "Darksider" who decided to have his or her (can't remember) birthday party at Gators. They brought about 15-20 people with them. They stayed all night and had a great time. I thought everyone was really cool, and I had a blast spinning for them. So at the end of the night I invited them all to come back every week and feel free to bring music. I told them if they did I would tailor the night around them.

That's how Industrial Strength Sundays started at Gators. About one year into it I got to know Mathew (DJ Oxygen), and realized he knew the format better then I did, so I invited him to join me in the booth. (Until that first Sunday I had only known older industrial, new wave and 80's synthpop . I didn't even know EBM existed. :-o ) Taa daa -the Aether Twins were born.

Since then I've really fell in love with all of the genre's that go along with the "darksider" scene. I still encourage people to bring music and make requests. That's how I learned the music and the people in the scene, and I still enjoy meeting everyone, and learning new music. (Although I try and research the music as much as possible now.)

Then in 2000 I decided I should get a "real" job and started working for a web design company. ( b-swing ) It was a very good company that treated me very well. But there were a couple of problems. One, I have ADD and had a very hard time sitting at a computer all day. and Two, the internet crash of 2001-2002. When that hit I was laid off, but part of me was relieved.

I started DJing again. This time at multiple clubs at the same time, something I had never done it the past. I was always a resident DJ somewhere and would work that club exclusively 5 or 6 nights a week. This time I was working all over (First Ave, Gators and The Saloon.) It was quite enjoyable, but the money wasn't very good. Part of that is because I worked some nights because I enjoyed the club and the format and didn't care about the money.

In Jan of 05 I decided to take a day job again. Since then, I've done PR for Media Relations, I was the head of marketing for all of the bars and restaurants on the forth floor of the Mall of America (they have since all closed) I then moved on to do some marketing and web mastering for The World Poker Store. Currently I work in the online media department for a large advertising firm in Minneapolis, I absolutely love my current position. I also still DJ two nights a week, Hard Mondays(18+, No cover), at the The Saloon with DJ Oxygen (we've been there for more then 4 years now - wow) and The Next Element on Fridays at Ground Zero(21+, $5 Cover). Monday is a true Goth/Industrial/EBM night and Fridays are a varsity format with a wide selection of bands, DJ's and performers. I hope you like my blog, feel free to leave comments.

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