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Playlist for Harder Monday 2.8.10

Second Monday in a row we've had a snow storm, grrrr. Still all in all not a bad night.

Harder Monday 02-08-2010


Nitrogen, noise, dv8

PlaylistCollapse )

Super Bowl Ads

As many of you know I work in advertising, and of course the Super Bowl is like the Super Bowl of ads (wait, what?)... anyway. I thought in general the ads were very underwhelming. Most were boring or retreads of older ads. The beer and auto ads were particularly bad.

To me the best ad of the night was Googles. It was their first ever TV ad, it was as simple as it could be, yet it told a great story, had a little humor in it and was very cute.

I also have to give a shout out to the Minneapolis team who created a Doritos ad for their user generated ad contest Doritos holds every year. They didn't win, but they placed in the top three and had the commercial air during the game.

Playlist for Hard Monday 2-1-10

The snow kept some people away but overall it was a pretty good night all things considered. We have a lot of new kids that have been coming down lately - which is a fantastic

Hard Monday 02-01-10

Nitrogen, noise

Coil - Windopane
Experiment Haywire - Occult Casualty (The Synthetic Dream Foundation mix)
Front 242 - Serial Killers Don't Kill Their Girlfriends
Miranda Sex Garden - Gush Forth My Tears (ambient mix)
Assemblage 23 - Away
Beborn Beton - Angel One
New Order - Doubts Even Here
Bitter:sweet - Dirty Laundry (Skeewiff mix)
Depeche Mode - In Sympathy

Sister Soleil - Red
Goldfrapp - Strict Machine (Benny Benassi remix)
No Doubt - Hella Good
A23 - Let The Wind Erase Me
Covenant - 20Hz (TBM mix)
The Synthetic Dream Foundation - Blood Divine
Suicide Commando - The Perils Of Indifference
Zombie Girl - Bleeder (industrial strength mix by Seb)
Pow[d]er Pussy - Keepthatbasspumpinghard
Reaper - Twisted Trophy Hunter (Vampire Freaks edit)
Combi - Sent To Destroy
C/A/T - Shoot To Kill (reloaded)
Uberbyte - The gift (Engelmacher mix)
VNV Nation - The Farthest Star

Rotersand - Gothic Paradise
Reaper - Weltfremd (feat. Suicide Commando)
Apraxia - DNA Nanobots (function 13 club remix)
Neuroticfish - They Are Coming to Take Me Away
The Prodigy - Thunder
Zeromancer - Send Me An Angel
Hanzel und Gretel - Fukken Uber Death Party
Marilyn Manson - mOBSCENE
(R) Wumpscut - Mortal Highway (Bunkertor 7 remix)
(R) Deftones - Change (in the house of flies)
(R) Bowie - Afraid Of Americans
Machines of Loving Grace - Butterfly Wings
Faderhead - Hammer of the God
Skinny Puppy - Testure
DAF - Der Sheriff (C90 version by Ronan Harris)
(R) Zombie Girl - I Want It (A/M mix)
(R) Gridlock - regret
(R) Kindney Thieves - Taxicab Messiah
(R) The Prodigy - Baby's Got a Temper
NIN - Meet Your Master (Faint mix)
Stromkern - Stand Up (extended mix)
Virtual Embrace - The End (remix by Noise Pirate)
Suicide COmmando - Come Down With Me
L'ame Immortelle - Es Tut Mir Leid (Entschuldigung mix by Grendel)
(R) Garbage - Bad Boyfriend
(R) Imogen Heap - Hide & Seek (Jethro Easy & Lee Davey mix)
G&G - Personal Jesus (ph electro mix)
(R) Sex Pistols - God Save the Queen
Combichrist - All Your Base Are Belong to Us vs Join in the chant (Nitrogen live mix)
Faderhead - TZDV
Royksopp - The Girl And The Robot (Spencer & Hill mix)
Covenant - Go Film (hard version)
Angels on Acid - Misery Loves Company
(R) Grendel - Hate This (Northborne remix)
(R) Ministry - Just One Fix
Sleetgrout - Rotten Reverie (The Synthetic Dream Foundation mix)
Swingle Singers - Mission Impossible


Tonight is the triumphant return of Dr. Farrago's Burlesque to the Twin Cities stage! Burlesque girls, boylesque boys, singers, dancers, magicians, comedians all at Ground Zero.

Come watch the beautiful girls of Dr. Farrago - Sarah Holliday, Holly Ziegfield, Holland Reign, Sadie Simone and Jean Bardot -- as they strip to please joined by Johnny M, Minnesota's first boylesque artist. Mia Malone will delight you with her bevy of magical, mystical tricks. Masterful drag performances by Fox Smolder, Max West, and the lovely Lila will leave you breathless. And don't forget Joy, Dr. Farrago's very own vocal powerhouse!

You don't want to miss this show: not only our all your favorites returning, but some new faces join the fun. We've got master bullwhip artist Robert Dante, pole dancer extraordinaire Kitty Climber, musician Jack Klatt, and TWO of the Twin Cities' funniest stand-up comedians in Elaine Thompson and Rick Logan.

If that isn't enough, we have 2-4-1's on everything from 10 - 11

(most of this copy stolen from johnnym77 )

Playlist for 1.25.10

For it being a super cold night in the middle of January it was totally kick ass night. Fun fun fun!

Hard Monday 01-25-10

Nitrogen, noise

Souless Affection - RNC (club version)
Electrixx - Tetris
Micha Moor - Space (Klass mix)
Markus Lange - Fallout
Martin Eyerer - Eletric (Williams mix)
Boys Noize - OH! (A-Track mix)
Scandy - Just Human
Reaper - Totengraber (club edit)
Encoder - SweetDreams
Assemblage 23 - Let the Wind Erase Me
Grendel - Chemicals & Circuitry (Modulate remix)
Souless Affection - Missing
Combichrist - What the Fuck is Wrong With You?

Hocico - Forgotten Tears (Suicide Commando mix)
Leaether Strip - We Are the Sinners (Fictional remix)
Faderhead - Fuck What You Heard
Stromkern - No Release
mind.in.a.box - Falling
Monolith - Out of Memory
The Synthetic Dream Foundation - Eine Schone Ruine
Skold - Anything (Dominatrix mix)
Covenant - Brave New World (Tempest mix)
Icon of Coil - Shelter
The Faint - Paranoiattack

Peaches - Set It Off (assault accelerator mix)
VHS or Beta - You Got Me (bady daddy mix)
The Prodigy vs Christan Hoff - Smack My Bitch Up
Imogen Heap - Hide & Seek (Jethro East & Lee Davey mix)
(R) Nachtmahr - Feuer Frei! (Reaper remix)
Reaper - X-Junkie (Distatix remix)
Alien Vampire - One Night Stand
VNV Nation - Chrome (SITD mix)
(R) Combichrist - Happy Fucking Birthday
(R) E Nomine - Mitternacht
Icon of Coil - Floorkiller (2004 version)
Twisted System - Beautiful People
Infected Mushroom - Smashing the Opponent (XI remix)
(R) Ladytron - Destroy Everything You Touch
The Presets - Are You the One (club edit)
Moby - Mistake (Yuksek remix)
Royksopp - The Girl and the Robot (Spencer & Hill remix)
(R) David Bowie - I'm Afraid of Americans
(R) Deftones - Change (in the house of flies)
(R) Wumpscut - War
A Perfect Circle vs. noise - Counting Bodies Like Breaks
Clan of Xymox - Jasmine and Rose
She Wants Revenge - True Romance
(R) Angelspit - 100% (110% fucked mix)
Northborne - Choke On Me
Nitzer Ebb - Getting Closer (Black Strobe EBM homage)
Neuroticfish - They're Coming to Take Me Away
Rotersand - Almost Violent
Sleetgrout - Rotten Reverie (The Synthetic Dream Foundation Mix)
Infected Mushroom - Becoming Insane
The Synthetic Dream Foundation - O'Dead Armoured Sky
Bullet Proof - Teainted Love
(R) Tre Lux - The Chauffeur

Playlist for Hard Monday 01-19-10

Nightstalker, 000000000001, Nitrogen, noise

FC Kahuna - Machine Says Yes
Bitchee Bitchee Ya Ya Ya - Fuck Friend (Yuksek and Brodinski remix)
Italcimenti - Bela Lugosi is Dead
Faderhead - Gritty Beats No Relief
Cyberaktif - Temper
Apoptygma Berzerk - Paranoia (haunted club version)
Angels on Acid - Misery Loves Company

Sebastian Komor - Das Oontz
The Prodigy - Take Me To The Hostpital (Adam F & Horx mix)
Xuberx - Forgive, Forget (remixed by Iris)
Zombie Girl - I Want It (A/M mix)
Combichrist - Get Your Body Beat (KMFDM remix)
Unter Null - Sick Fuck (sadist version)
Uberbyte - Break You (single version)

The Synthetic Dream Foundation - O' Dead Armoured Sky
808 State - Cubik (breakbeat bootie)
Rotersand - Exterminate, Annihilate, Destroy
Faderhead - TZDV
The Faint - The Geeks Were Right (Boys Noize vs. D.I.M. remix)
Apoptygma Berzerk - Unicorn (Hocico remix)
(R) HexRx - Dear Diary
Caustic - Cock Blockin' Beats



(R) Tiesto & Sneaky Sound System - I Will Be Here (Tiesto remix)
(R) Combichrist - Like to Thank My Buddies
(R) Grendel - Shortwired (The Synthetic Dream Foundation mix)
Infected Mushroom - Becoming Insane
Sisters of Mercy - This Corrosion (Spiral Tribe mix)
Deftones - The Chauffeur

I love these guys.... no homo

I guess it's been a long time since I listened to hip hop because I had no idea this was a new catch phrase.

Current TV made a great video about it

Playlist for Harder Monday 1.11.10

Harder Monday 01-11-10

dv8, noise, Nitrogen

Wynardtage - Blurred (remixed by Agonize)
Velvet Acid Christ - Black Rainbows
:wumpscut: - Cut to See How Much I Bleed (Ustrakaltor mix)
Stahlfrquenz - Mascninenwelten (Xotox mix)
Destroid - Forever
Cleen - Believe (edit)
Informatik - Watching You Watching Me
Aesthetic Perfection - The Siren
(R) Biopsy - Body Wire

Unter Null - Endtime (INURE mix)
Reaper - Execution Of Your Mind (Modulate mix)
Proceed - Splegelschoenheit
Soman - Fly
Funker Vogt - Tragic Hero (Apop remix)
Steetgrout - Rotten Reverie (Synthetic Dream Foundation mix)
noisuF-X - Dance of the Knights
Project Pitchfork - God Wrote

Pow[d]er Pussy - systemsuckschot
Distatix - Disappear
Bozzanova - I Wanna Be Your Dog (Juno mix)
Marilyn Manson - The Beautiul People (Sebastion Leger mix)
Analogue Brain - Dead Keen On (cut one v2)
Scooter - Lass Uns Tanzen (extended)
Caustic - Cock Blockin' Beats
Lee Haslam - Here Comes the Pain (original mix)
SITD - Rot V1.0
Terrorfakt - Headcase
NIN - Capital G (Phones 666 rpm mix)
Orange Sector - Legend
Uberbyte - Break You
C/A/T - Shoot To Kill (reloaded)

Nitrogen, noise & dv8
Combichrist - Sent to Destroy
(R) Nachtmahr - Tanzdiktator
Aiboforcen - Not Unique (lethargy mix)
Alien Vampires - Death Cult Devotion
Industriegbeit - Sex Mit Leiche (Soman remix)
SAM - World Of Shit
Hocico - Born To Be (Hated) Supreme
Suicide Commando - Die Motherfucker Die (die twice remix by Noisuf-X)
Skinny Puppy - Goneja
Experiment Haywire - Occult Caualty (Synthetic Dream Foundation mix)
(R) Headscan - Lolife
(R) The Prodigy - Poison (98 edit)
Acumen - Gun Lover
Chemlab - Suture + Exile on Mainline
A Perfect Circle vs. noise - Counting Bodies Like Breaks
Infected Mushroom - Can't Stop
Souless Affection - RNC (club version)
(R) God Module - The Source
Virtual Embrace - The Roots Evil
Tactical Sekt - Xifixiation (SITD mix)
Icon of Coil - Regret (Combichrist mix)
(R) Neuroticfish - They're Coming To Take Me Away
(R) Front 242 - Quite Unusual (12" mix)
Ministry - We Believe
(R) :Wumpscut: - Christfuck
Pzycho Bitch - Wake Up (remix by SITD)
Dope Stars Inc. - Bang Your Head
(R) Dead Can Dance - The Ubiquitous Mr. Lovegrove

Doritos Super Bowl Ad

Doritos is doing their user generated Super Bowl ad contest again this year. A team from Minneapolis is in the finals, and what's even cooler is the writer and director is a friend of a friend.

Here is their entry:

Vote for it here, but be sure the click "skip intro" in the lower right corner as the introduction is the most obnoxious thing I've seen/heard in a long time. (You do have to register to vote, but you can vote every day)


Playlist for 1.4.10

It was a very slow start tonight (due to it being colder then fuck tonight) but it ended really, really well. Because of the slow start I played a bunch of dub/garage/breaks early just to have fun.

Although: look kids there is a new Depeche Mode Song (2nd song I played) also the first song song I played I love! But it is not a darksider song at all, I played on new years and it went over huge, but I don't think I will have many opportunities to play it (which is why I played it really early tonight)

Last song by special request from our absent compatriot Spleen, regretfully injured from having too much fun on New Year's Eve.

Nitrogen, noise

Dappled Cities - The Price (King Unique remix)
Depeche Mode - Hole to Feed (Paul Woolford's easyfun ethereal disco mix)
Far Too Loud - Dancefloor Destroyer
Daft Punk vs Unknown - Harder Faster (Breaks mix)
MKM, GBX - I Don't Think So
UNKLE - Eye for an Eye (Dylan Rhymes vs. Force Mass Motion remix)
Ribs & IG88 - Murder Dub
Da Silva & Lino - Baby Lets Play House (DJ Syle knob mix)
Darkpunk - Fucker Bass
Bomb The Bass - Butterfingers (Adam Sky ravebummer mix)

Justice - Waters of Nazzareth
Spencer and Hill - Cool (Inphinity remix)
Ladytron - Tomorrow (Jeuce rework)
Shiny Toy Guns - Don't Cry Out
Bjork - Who Is It (Vitalic mix)
The Presets - This Boy's in Love (Losers vs. Presets mix)
Apop - In This Together (flipside club mix)
Angelspit - 100% (110% fucked mix)
Faderhead - Hey Girl
Kloq - You Never Know (the Kloq mix)
She Wants Revenge - I Don't Wanna Fall In Love

Fatboy Slim - The Rockafeller Skank
Garbage - Queer
Experimental Haywire - Occult Casualty (The Synthetic Dream Foundation mix)
Front 242 - Serial Killers Don't Kill Their Girlfriends
Skinny Puppy - Worlock
Repo vs MSI - Dance Dance Anatomy (DJ Pet Mashup)
Depeche Mode - Enjoy the Silence (Kaiser wasn't in the mood for silence)
(R) IAMX - Spit it Out (Designer Drugs remix)
Junkie XL - Cities In Dust
Miss Kittin - Kittin Is High
Combi - Shut Up And Swallow
VNV Nation - The Farthest Star
Sleetgrout - Rotten Reverie (The Synthetic Dream Foundation mix)
Royksopp - Tricky Tricky (volatile tidy tidy remix)
(R) Colony 5 - Be My Slave
(R) NIN - The Perfect Drug
Infected Mushroom - Can't Stop
Cosmosis - Re-Order
Grendel - Shortwired (The Synthetic Dream Foundation remix)
(R) Velvet Acid Christ - Pretty Toy
(R) George Michael - Freeek!
(R) The Crystal Method - High Roller
(R) Garbage - #1 Crush (goth mix)
Tones on Tail - Burning Skies
Marilyn Manson - Wow
The Faint - Total Job (Photek remix)
(R) Fischerspooner - Emerge (Adult mix)
She Wants Revenge - Tear You Apart
The Prodigy - Firestarter (Empirion mix)
VNV Nation - Beloved (grey dawn version)
Infected Mushroom - Smashing the Opponent (XI remix)
(R) Grendel - Zombie Nation 2k5
(R) Combichrist - Kickstart the Fight
(R) Men Without Hats - Safety Dance

I could do this

but I don't like to show off...


Just in case you haven't heard

9:00 is when the event kicks off, I have the 3nd DJ Shift, so I'm on from 10:40-11:40

Playlist from Hard Monday 12.28.09

Reposted from djnoise

Guests Skw33k and dv8 tonight for our end-of-the-year bash. Had some frustrating difficulties with the sound early in the evening, but a pleasantly packed floor by the end of the night.

Hard Monday 12-28-09

Nitrogen, noise, dv8, Skw33k

The Roots and BT - Tao of the Machine
Bad Boyz - Break the Noize (Megatron mix)
Chromeo - Mercury Tears
New Young Pony Club - The Bomb (The Teenagers Lou Crush remix)
Schwarzblut - Muse Es Eine Trennung Geben
Rotersand - Bastards Screaming (on and on)
C/A/T - Shoot to Kill (reloaded)
Sleetgrout - Rotten Reverie (The Synthetic Dream Foundation mix)
Faderhead - Gritty Beats No Relief
The Presets - Are You The One (club edit)
(R) FLA - Obession
Reaper - Totengraber (club edit)
(R) Seabound - Poisonous Friend
AoA - Misery Loves Company
The Synthetic Dream Foundation - Blood Divine

Rotersand - All in All
Covenant - Pulse
Neuroticfish - Black Again
Project Pitchfork - Steelrose (Apop mix)
A23 - Angels and Demons
Apop - Starsign
VNV - Lightwave
Depeche Mode - Suffer Well
The Faint - The conductor (Thin White Duke)
Ladytron - Weekend (James Iha remix)
Goldfrapp - Strict machine
Royksopp - What else is there? (Trentemoeller remix)
Voltaire - Happy Birthday
Bauhaus - Bela Lugosi's Dead

(R) The Cure - Lullaby (remix)
(R) Sisters of Mercy - More
(R) The Church - Under the Milky Way Tonight
(R) Tool - The Pot
(R) Wumpscut - War
(R) Memmaker - Sneaking Through the Totalian Filter
Phosgore - Red Red Krovvy (Xotox mix)
Statik Sky - Truth and Freedom (SAM mix)
Alter Der Ruin - Duck & Cover
Grendel - Shortwire (Synthetic Dream Foundation mix)
Icon of Coil - Transfer Complete
Decoded Feedback - Phoenix

Rabbit in the Moon - Let's Dance
Synthetic Dream Foundation - Eine Dunkle Spharische Widerstand
(R) Goldenboy w/ Miss Kittin - Rippin Kittin
The Faint - I Disapear
Royksopp - This Must Be It (Thin White Duke remix)
Delerium - Silence (Niels van Gogh vs. Thomas Gold remix)
DJ Pet - I am not your Whore megamix
The Prodigy - Take Me to the Hospital (Adam F & Horx remix)
(R) Komor Kommando - Das Oontz
(R) Iio - Rapture '07
(R) VNV - Chrome
Infected Mushroom - Cities of the Future (Violet Vision remix)
Wolfsheim - Approching Lightspeed


Monday, December 28, 2009
10:00 PM - 2:00 AM CST

The Saloon
830 Hennepin Ave S
Minneapolis, MN 55418

Playlist for 12.22.09

Awesome night tonight - we had a great floor from almost the beginning of the night on. It was a little odd since it was the company employee party so there was a little larger then normal group of gay boys, but hey they danced to everything so it was great.

Hard Monday 12-21-09

Nitrogen, noise

The Synthetic Dream Foundation - How Love Remembered Lavender
Fatboy Slim - Praise You (Fedde Le Grand Mix)
Luetzenkirchen - Daily Disco (Boys Noize Mix)
Nina Martine - Kick It (Uppermost Dub)
Sydney Blu - Give It Up For Me
General MIDI - Kickbox
Scandy - Just Human
(R) Zombie Girl - I want it (A/M Mix)
L'ame Immortelle - Es Tut Mir Leid (Grendel Mix)
(R) Miss Kittin - Rippen Kittin (Ellen Allien Mix)
Ladytron - Evil
Bitter:Sweet - Dirty Laundry (Skeewiff Mix)

Feist - My Moon My Man (Boys Noize remix)
Feed Me vs. Muse - Knights of Cydonia
Kraftwerk - Tour de France (2009 kraft mix)
The Presets - This Boy's in Love (Losers vs. Presets remix)
Eels - Fresh Blood
Abney Park - Stigmata Martyr
Kidney Thieves - Taxicab Messiah
Experiment Haywire - Occult Casualty (Synthetic Dream Foundation mix)
Project Pithfork - The Island
Informatik - A Matter of Time (A23 remix)

N, n
A23 - Spark
VNV - Tomorrow Never Comes
(R) Apoptygma Berzerk - Unicorn (killin' remix by Freezepop)
(R) Wolfsheim - Read the Lines
MLWTTKK - A Daisy Chain 4 Satan
DM - Master and Servant
Underworld - Born Slippy (Spacelab remix)
Kloq - You Never Know (the Kloq remix)
Faderhead - TZDV
Faithless vs Behrouz - Insomnia '06i
Royksopp - The Girl and the Robot (Spencer and Hill remix)
Ladytron - Tomorrow (Jeuce rework)
Presets - My People
The Prodigy - Take Me To The Hospital (Adam F Mix)
G&G - Personal Jesus (ph elecktro mix)
(R) This Morn' Omina - Doublelionrouti
(R) Project Pitchfork - Timekiller
Bruderschaft - Return (Imperative Reaction Mix)
(R) The Knife - Silent Shout
(R) The Faint - THe Conductor (Thin White Duke Mix)
Felix Da housecat - Silver Screen
Gorillaz - Feel Good Inc
Cosmosis - Re-Order
Hydraglyph - Electric Feed
DNA - Deep Forest
Grendel - Shortwired (Synthetic Dream Foundation remix)
(R) VNV Nation - Genesis
(R) Teddybears - Punkrocker (feat. Iggy Pop)
She Wants Revenge - I Don't Want TO Fall In Love
(R) Sisters - The Corrosion (Spiral Tribe Mix)
(R) Seabound - Without You
(R) Miss Kittin - Kittin is High
Portishead - Its a fire
Dead Can Dance - The Ubiquitous Mr. Love Groove

Playlist for Harder Monday 12.14.09

Super fun night, thank you everyone who came out!

Harder Monday 12-14-09

dv8, noise, Nitrogen

Souless Affection - Rape of an Angel
Velvet Acid Christ - Vaporized
EngelMacher - Carrion (8kHz remix)
Studio X - Bounce
Modulate - Hard and Dirty (SAM mix)
Memmaker - Death Comes (Rotersand mix)
Statik Sky - Truth and Freedom (SAM Mix)
Informatik - Temporary (Synthetic Dream Foundation mix)
SITD - Frontal
Tactical Sekt - American Me

The Synthetic Dream Foundation - Among The Angels' Debris
Mind Confusion - Remains
A23 - Skyquake (voice of god remix)
Decoded Feedback - Phoenix (Noisex remix)
In Strict Confidence - Wintermoon (Samsas Traum remix)
Ministry - Just Like You
Rotersand - Beneath the Stars

(R) Combi - What the Fuck Is Wrong With You
C/A/T - Point of No Return
Terrorfakt - Actung (Cervello Elettronico Mix)
Cervello Elettronico - Plastic Face
C/A/T - Shoot To Kill (reloaded)
Uberbyte - Break You (Hard Dance Mix)
Soman - Absolution
Vicious Alliance - II Ice Age (2008 version)
SITD - Catharsis (Heal Me, Control Me)
Rotersand - Bastards Screaming

dv8, Nitrogen & noise
Amduscia - Pulso Biomecanico (grendel Mix)
Angels on Acid - Now You Know
Wynardtage - Crash of a Star (Ginger Snaps Ringtone mix)
FGFC820 - The Heart of America
Phosgore - Red Red Krovvy (X-RX Mix)
Sucide Commando - Die Motherfucker Die (noisuF-X Mix)
(R) Reaper - Twisted Trophy Hunter (Vampire Freaks edit)
Alien Vampires - Footjob Addiction
Pow[d]er Pussy - Terrorkatz
Uberbyte - The Gift (engelmacher Mix)
VNV Nation - Chrome (SITD Mix)
Icon of Coil - Floorkiller
Twisted System - Beautiful People
Infected Mushroom - Smashing the Opponent
(R) A Perfect Circle vs noise - Counting Bodies Like Breaks
(R) NIN - Terrible Lie
Skinny Puppy - Worlock
:Wumpscut: - Wreath of Barbs
Aesthetic Perfection - The Ones
Stromkern - Can't Believe
God Module - Sections
C/A/T - Music To Piss You Off (SAM Mix)
Worm Of The Earth - The Whore
The Prodigy - Take Me To the Hostital (Adam F vs. Horx Mix)
Virtual Embrace - The End
Rotersand - War on Error (remix)
(R) Modulate - Skullfuck (Combichrist mix)
Beats me but it sure looks cool. Check out this strange light that appeared over Norway

Here is the news story

*Update* they are saying it was a failed Russian missile test

Playlist for 12.7.09

Not a bad night, it's always a little slower then normal when the cold first kicks in like it has, but overall a pretty fun night.

Hard Monday 12-07-09

noise, Nitrogen

Art of Noise - Beatbox
Korn - Make Me Bad (Danny Saber Mix)
Joris Voorn - Chase The Mouse
Fatboy Slim - Praise You (Fredde Le Grand Mix)
Loops Of Fury - Flick A Switch (Krafty Kuts Mix)
Apop - Mourn (Industrial Heads Mix)
A23 - Greed
Frozen Plazma - Tanz Die Revolution (English version)
Uberbyte - Soma
Supreme Court - Keep Calm & Carry On
Neuroticfish - The Bomb

Culture Kultuer - The Only One
Pzycho Bitch - Machinerie
Tactical Sekt - Bring Me Violence
Assemblage 23 - Angels & Demons
Rotersand - Waiting to be Born
The Synthetic Dream Foundation - Formless Beasts
Razed in Black - Share This Poison
The Cure - The Walk (everything mix)
Royksopp - The Girl and the Robot (Ocelot remix)
Imperative Reaction - Functional (hi-watt mix)
Icon of Coil - Pursuit
Combichrist - I Want Your Blood

Zombie Girl - Bleeder (Industrial Strenght Mix by Seb)
SITD - Rot V1.0
Seabound - The Promise (Club Mix)
Faderhead - Coke for my ass
Infected Mushroom - Cities of the Future (Violet Vision remix)
(R) London After Midnight - Kiss
Supreme Court - Reaching Out The Hand
Alien Vampires - BDSM
Ministry - Just Like You
New Order - True Faith
Garbage - Stupid Girl
Underworld - Cowgirl
The Synthetic Dream Foundation - Eine Dunkle Spharische Widerstand
Skinny Puppy - Testure
DAF - Der Sheriff (C90 Mix)
(R) Zombie Girl - I want it (A/M Mix)
Goldfrapp - Strict Machine (Benny Benassi Mix)
Basement Jaxx - Where's Your Head At? (Stanton Warriors remix)
The Prodigy - Take Me to the Hospital (Adam F & Horx remix)
Nine Inch Nails - Only (Richard X mix)
Reaper - X-Junkie (Distatix remix)
Delerium - Silence (Niels van Gogh vs. Thomas Gold remix)
Feist - My Moon My Man (Boys Noize remix)
Cruxshadows - Tears (Apop remix)
Ferry Corsten - Punk (Cosmic Gate Mix)
Faithless - Insomina 2009
Heartbreak - We're Back (Vitalic mix)
Imogen Heap - Hide and Seek (Tiesto Mix)
Infected Mushroom - Deeply Diturbed
Dead Can Dance - Ubiqutious Mr. Lovegroove


We have new drink special on Monday nights:

Hard Monday presents "Kill The Keg" special: Every Monday enjoy $1 16oz Tap Beers, $2 Rolling Rocks, $2 Premiums and $3 jag shots!

And of course there is no cover and your DJ's will be myself and djnoise

Tomorrow Night

Come on out to see our usual cast of odds and ends perform a grand show at Ground Zero this Nov. 20th!

We have new acts from:
Lil' Lush Fuchsia with her "fiery" fans
Oops! The entertainer and his newest magic act!
a completely new face this week Soo Do! Watch as he breaks 3 concrete blocks!

And more!

Showtime - 11pm, Door 21+ / $6, 18+ / $8
2-4-1's from 10-11

midnight muse review

Good, but weird night

Tonight was very good in some ways - we had a dance floor from within the fist 20 min on, but it was a very strange crowd. Early they wouldn't dance to anything newer then 10 years old. Then in the middle they would dance to everything - which was awesome. Then the room totally cleared out for a bit, only to come back super strong at the end. I give up trying to figure out the crowd...

Hard Monday 11-16-09

noise, Nitrogen

CJ Bolland - The Prophet
Sister Bliss - Sister Sister
BT & Paul Van Dyk - Namistai (expended mix)
Lost Witness - Song to the Siren
Faderhead - Zigzag Machinery
Kloq - KM1
(R) Sisters Of Mercy - Lucretia My Reflection
Sweethead - Life in Laralay
Zeromancer - Send Me an Angel

BiGod20 - Like A Prayer
Inxs - Need You Tonight (Bug Mix)
She Want Revenge - True Romance
Depeche Mode - Master and Servant (Razormaid mix)
Rotersand - Dare To Live (12" Mix)
(R) Zombie Girl - I WantIt (AM Mix)
Covenant - Dead Stars
Angelspit - 100% (Combi mix)
Seabound - Poisonous Friend
New Order - Blue Monday
MLWT Thrill Kill Kult - A Daisy Chain 4 Satan

Infected Mushroom - Smashing the Opponent (Xl remix)
(R) Bullet Proof - Tainted Love
VNV Nation - Momentum
Razed in Black - Share This Poison
Angels on Acid - Now You Know
Juno Reactor - Komit
Apop - Eclipse (Dimension D Mix)
Depeche Mode - It's No Good
Rob Dougan - Clubbed to Death (Kurayamino mix)
Infected Mushroom - Poquito Mas
Nine Inch Nails - Down In It (shred)
Skinny Puppy - L'mmortal
Prodigy - Baby's Got a Temper
(R) Rammstein - Engel
(R) Infected Mushroom - Artillery
Party Ben - Galvanize the Empire
Scandy - Woofer Excursion Test
(R) The Crystal Method - Drown in the Now
And One - Sometimes
(R) Concrete Blonde - Joey
Clan of Xymox - Jasmine and Rose
Orange Sector - Legend
Alien Vampires - Fuck Off and Die (remix by NOISUF-X)
Rotersand - The Last Ship pt1
(R) Voodoo & Serano - Blood is Pumpin'
SAM - World Of Shit
Daft Punk vs Dave Mc Culen - Bitch Technologic (bootleg Mix)
Freestylers Fasten Your Seatbelts
A Perfect Circle - Counting Bodies Like Sheep...
David Bowie - I'm Afraid of Americans
Infected Mushroom - Converting Vegetarians
Ladytron - Runaway
Shiny Toy Guns - Le Disko
Royksopp - The Girl And the RObot (Spencer & Hill Mix)
(R) Neuroticfish - They're Coming to Take Me Away
(R) Tool - Sober

Open Decks Tonight at GZ

We have open decks tonight - the first 4 people ready to DJ get in.

Playlist for 11.2.09

Really slow night tonight, but that was totally expected with it being the Monday after Halloween and all. It seemed like everyone who was here had a fun night. The requests were really guitar heavy stuff, but what the hell.

Hard Monday 11.2.09

noise & Nitrogen

The Cure - Fascination Street (Art of Mix)
Puscifer - Queen B
MGMT - Time to Pretend
Teddybears - Riot Going On
Haujobb - Depths
Kloq - Kloq Film 1
Depeche Mode - Miles Away (the truth is)
Mesh - Step by Step
New Order - Sub-Culture
The Knife - Like A Pen (Heartthrob Mix)
Royksopp - The Girl and the Robot (Ocelot Mix)
Feist - My Moon My Man (Boys Noize mix)
Electixx - Tetris
Fatboy Slim - Right Here Right Now (Mixin Marc Mix)
Scandy - Touch It
Shaun F - Drty Fckn Dsko (hard Version)
Combichrist - Kickstart the Fight
VNV Nation - The Farthest Star
(R) Madonna - Justify My Love
NIN - Get Down Make Love
(N) Blakq Audio - No New Tale to Tell
Marilyn Manson - Wow
The Faint - Total Job (Photek remix)
Apop - Please Suffer In Silence
The Synthetic Dream Foundation - Eternity's Poisoned Drapes
Bjork - Big Time Sensuality (the Fluke remix)
Lords of Acid - I Sit on Acid '96
(R) FLA - Maniacal
(N) Infected Mushroom - Can't Stop
(R) Zombie Girl - I Want It (A/M mix)
(R) Tool - Hooker With A Penis
Rammstein - Keine Lust (Black Strobe Mix)
L'ame Immortelle - Es Tut Mir Leid (grendel mix)
Icon of Coil - Simulated (Funker Vogt remix)
(R) Rob Zombie - Living Dead Girl (Subliminal Seduction remix)
Ministry - Thieves
(R) Bowie - Fame
(R) Siouxsie and the Banshees - The Passenger
The Cruxshadows - Citadel
Shiny TOy Guns - Ricochet!
(R) SP - Tin Omen
Bombfunk MC's - Uprockin beats
(R) Lady Gaga - Just Dance
(R) MM - Beautiful People
Prodigy - Take Me To The Hospital (Adam F Mix)
Zeromancer - Send Me An Angel
VNV Nation - Tomorrow Never Comes
And One - Millitary Fashion Show
Sebastian Komor - Das Oontz
(R) MLWT Thrill Kill Kult - A Daisy Chain 4 Satan
Covenant - Like Tears in Rain
Combi - Rifle vs KMFDM - Megalomaniac (nitrogen live mix)
Stromkern - Re Align
Infected Mushroom - Becoming Insane
Space Cat vs. Perplex vs. Michele Adamson - Shut Up and Dance
(R) Concrete Blonde - Joey

Halloween fun

What a great weekend, Friday night's Zombie Cabaret was a huge success, it was of the busiest Friday's we've ever had. There was a disaster with GZ's sound board, but I don't think the audience knew anything was wrong.

Saturday I MC's the GZ costume contest which was fun. The club was packed beyond belief and the winning costume (Bondage Big Bird) was outstanding. After that I DJ'ed (along with noise and DV8) at Jean's Halloween party. That was one of the funnest parties I've ever gone too. I didn't get home until 7:30 Sunday morning - wow.

Now for something a little different:

Stormtroopers reminisce about the death star


Oct 30th - Ground Zero Niteclub
11pm - 21+ 6$ / 18+ 8$

The cast of the Midnight Muse Revue invites all of the living dead and other awful creatures of the night to come on out to our Halloween cabaret! With new acts full of the macabre and performers fresh from the grave we will be please to tease with our usual cast of odds and ends! New nightmarish songs! Decadent burlesque acts to raise the dead! And much, much, more!

Dancing Girls - Live Music - Comedy - Circus Acrobatics

Fun time

One Night in Sodom was really fun.   We had a very nice crowd and everyone seemed to have a good time.   

The bad part (for me) was we stayed open until almost 3:00

7AM came mighty early this morning and now I have a headache

Ugg: the price of a rock and roll lifestyle

Playlist for 10.26.09

Hard Monday 10 - 26 - 09
One Night in Sodom

Rammstein - Stripped
:wumpscutt: - Wreath of Barbs
Marilyn Manson - Wow
Laibach - God Is God
Terrorfakt - The Fine Art Of Killing Yourself (Tonikom Mix)
Supreme Court - Loosing Game
DJ Pet - Dance Dance Anatomy
Juno Reactor - City Of The Sinful
Skinny Puppy - L'mmortal
Lifes Decay - Descence
Smashing Pumpkins - Daphne Descends
Machines Of Loving Grace - Gologha Tenement Blues
Zombie - House of 10,000 Corpses
Concrete Blonde - Bloodletting
Clan Of Xymox - Jasmine and ROse

Sisters of Mercy - Walk Away
Rosetta Stone - Adreneline
Icon of coil - Consummer (Static Version)
(N) Rotersand - Waiting to be Born
Culure Kulture - Nemisis
Cruxshadows - Tears (Apop. mix)
AFI - Miss Murder (VNV mix)
Combichrist - Sent to Destroy (Suicide Commando mix)
(R) SAM - Arm of Justice
Phosgore - Noise Preacher
Tactical Sekt - Not Giong to Work That Way
Virtual Embrace - The End
Das Ich - Destillat (VNV mix)

Wumpscut-Christ Fuck
X-RX-No more room in hell
Retrosic-The bomb
Faderhead-Dirty Girlz Dirty Boyz
SAM - Injustice

(R) Stabbing Westward - The Thing I hate
NIN - Meet Your Master (Faint Mix)
SP - Pro-Test
Rotersand - War on Error (declaration)
(R) VNV Nation - Honour
The Faint - Glass Dance (Paul Oakenfold mix)

(R) Kidney Thieves - S&M (A Love SOng)
Garbage - #1 Crush (goth mix)
Dangerous Muse - Everyday (is Halloween)
Icon of Coil - Dead Enough for Life
(R) Infusion - Best in Show
The Cure - The Walk (everything mix)
The Synthetic Dream Foundation - Eternity's Poisoned Drapes
Project Pitchfork - Steelrose (Apop remix)
Junkie XL - Cities in Dust (Gareth Wyn remix)
Infected Mushroom - Smashing the Opponent (XL remix)
Bullet Proof - Tainted Love
X-Noise vs. Tom C - Clockwise
(R) Cyrstal Method - Sine Language

*nitrogen, noise and dv8*
LoFidelity Allstars - Battle Flag
Moby - Alice (General MIDI mix)
E Momine - Vater Unser (pulse driver mix)
The Synthetic Dream Foundation - Formless Beasts
The Cruxshadows - Citadel
(R) Iio - Rapture
(R) Prodigy - Take me to the hospital
(R) Covenant - Monochrome
(R) Combichrist - Happy Fucking Birthday
(R) Tool - Sober



The Saloon, Hard Mondays, and Misguided Masochists Presents:

In the main room:
Fetish Slideshows
Industrial / Fetish

Music with DJs

Open Fetish Play area with play equipment and music provided!

Vendors available for all your fetish desires

No cover

This Friday

This Friday at Ground Zero we bringing back the 80's Zombie Prom. There will be prizes for the best zombies, plenty of fun 80's music and brains for all. 2-4-1's on ALL drinks from 10-11 18+


I haven't posted much here for a while, so I thought I would give an update.

Lots have been happening to me over the past month or two. Professionally I have a new job. I now work at FRWD, a very small start up digital media agency. This is a pretty big step for me. I got a promotion and a raise which is great. It's also a start up, which is a little scary. Although as someone pointed out to me; you can get laid off anywhere. Yesterday was my first day here, the people are great, the work we are doing is very cool which some good clients. Our offices are on the top floor of the ford center with is basically right on top of the new Twins stadium, I can see inside the stadium from my office which is pretty neat.  I use a Mac here, which is something I haven't used in over ten years, it will take me some time to get used to it.

Before I left Carmichael I took advantage of the discount on Subaru's that employees get and bought a new Subaru Legacy, which I absolutely love. I am also excited about the four wheel drive for the winter months. Last week I did get broken into and my passenger side window was smashed out - damn it.

DJ wise, things have been going pretty well. Hard Mondays are doing well, there are some slow weeks and some busy weeks, but over all our attendance is up over the past few years. The Next Element has been hit or miss lately.   When we have events we've had fantastic crowds, when we don't have an event... not so much.   The good thing is we have a ton of events coming up;  Midnight Muse Review has a show on September 11th (which is weird because it will be 9/11 at Ground Zero)  The following week we have a big fashion show.  On September 25th it's the one year anniversary of our Zombie 80's Prom, which we will be bringing back.    October 2nd bands return; Dumpster Juice and GNP, and then on October 9th Heliosphere makes their Minneapolis return.

I've also discovered Harmonic Mixing over the past few months which has opened up a whole new level of mixing for me, which is great. Goes to show you; you never are too old to learn new things, even about something you are extremely familiar with.

I think that covers the big things, I am going to try to make it out to Ren Fest sometime in the next month but I think I will skip the Fair this year.  I've also gotten hooked on Evony lately, I don't know if that is a good or bad thing, but it is what it is, although now that I have a new job I don't know if I will have time for it.

Playlist for Hard Monday 8.24.09

Fair night tonight, slow start good finish. The two new Rotersand songs I played went over like gang busters which is really cool since I had never played either one before.

Hard Monday 8.24.09

Nitrogen, Noise

Suicide Commando - Until We Die
Hex RX - Shreds (NXV Mix)
Zen-Kei - The Punisher
Darkpunk - Fucker Bass
Sidekick - Deepfear (Andrea Roma Mix)
Zen-Kei - The Blast (Kubic Mix)
Tiga - Mind Dimension 2
Justice - Pt 2 (Boys Noize Mix)
Wehbba - Xcelir8 (Propulse Mix)
Micha Moor - Space (Klaas Mix)
(R) New Order - Blue Monday

The Clash - Rock the Casbah (white label)
The Cure - The Walk (infusion mix)
Tears for Fears vs. Dirty Vegas - Dirty Shout Vegas
Shaun F - Drty Fckn Dsko
Rotersand - Would You Spin This (re:clubbed with Natalie de Borah)
Grendel - Hate This (Northborne remix)
Imperative Reaction - Flatline
Northborne - Abstinence
4Kuba - Contact
Alien Vampires - To Die Without U

Nitrogen, noise
(R) Thoushaltnot - True Love
Clan of Xymox - Jasmine and Rose
Depeche Mode - In Sympathy
Bud and Stone vs Muse - Supermassive Blackhole
The Knife - Silent Shout
Royksopp - The Girl and the Robot (Ocelot remix)
(R) FLA - Mindphaser
Project Pitchfork - Timekiller (Project Pitchfork remix)
Rotersand - Bastards Screaming (On and On)
Faderhead - TZDV
Bruderschaft - Return (Imperative Reaction Mix)
Juilan The Angel - Sweet Child Of Mine 2009 (Julian the Angel & Danny Grooving remix)
Landmark - Smells Like Teen Spirit
BLur - Song2 (Prydz Mix)
Far Too Loud - All is Machine
Fukkk Off - Love Me hate Me Kiss Me Kill Me
Scandy - Touch it
Combi - Give Head If You Got It
Icon of Coil - Headhunter
Covenant - Dead Stars (version 2)
VNV - Solitary (signals version)
(R) And One - Military Fashion Show
Assemblage 23 - Let the Wind Erase Me
Angels on Acid - Misery Loves Company
Rotersand - War On Error (Declaration)
Faderhead - Dirtygrrls Dirtybois
David Gahan - Kingdom (Digitalism remix)
(R) Digitalism - Taken Away (MMMathias remix)
(R) Grendel - Zombie Nation 2005
(R) Icon of Coil - Shelter (Soman mix)
Infected Mushroom - Smashing the Opponent
(R) A Perfect Circle vs. noise - Counting Bodies Like Breaks
(R) Combichrist - Today We Are All Demons
David Bowie - Cactus
(R) Rammstein - Keine Lust (Black Stobe Mix)

Playlist For Hard Monday 8.17.09

Hard Monday 8.17.09

Noise, Nitrogen

Boards of Canada - Oirectine
Crystal Castles - Masic Spells
Conjure One - Sleep
Haujobb - ninetynine
Razed in Black - Black
Informatik - Entropy (Syntax mix)
Carphax Files - Guns and Violins
The Prodigy - Poison
Fluke - Atombomb
Scandy - Woofer Excursion Test


Boys Noize - Oh! (a-track remix)
Feist - My Moon My Man (Boys Noize Mix)
Justice - Phantom Pt II (Boys Noize Mix)
Fatboy Slim - Rockkafeller Skank (Riva Starr Mix)
Covenant - Ritual Noise (S Version)
Uberzone - Vibrate
Memmaker - Kobenhaven
Suicide Commando - Hellraiser (Psycopath Version)
Icon Of Coil - Floorkiller (2004 Mix)
VNV Nation - Joy (Live)
Vitalic - My Friend Dario (extended version)
Goldfrapp - Twist

Nitrogen, Noise
Depeche Mode - In Sympathy
Royksopp - The Girl and the Robot (Kris Menace re-interpretation)
Rabbit in the Moon - Let's Dance
Sydney Blu - Give it Up for Me
Ils - Angels
Apoptygma Berzerk - Starsign
Grendel - Soilbleed
God Module - Victims Among Friends (suicide Commando mix)
Rotersand - Almost Wasted
(R) Suicide Command - Bind, Torture, Kill
Heimataerde - Vater (Aura Lussus mixtura)
Retractor - Annihilation (Preemptive Strike Mix)
Angels On Acid - Misery Loves Company
(R) VNV Nation - Chrome
(R) A Perfect Circle - Counting Bodies Like....
Combi - Today We Are All Demons
(R) Juno Reactor - God id God
Rob Dougan - Clubbed to Death (Kurayamino mix)
Infected Mushroom - Becoming Insane
DNA - Deep Forest
Memmaker - Death Comes (Rotersand mix)
Ali Payami vs. Warp Bros. - Blade (Ali Payami original)
ILS - Cherish (Adam Freeland Mix)
(R) The Sneaky Pimps - Spn Spin Saccharin
Brudershaft - Return (Imperitive Reaction Mix)
Reaper - X-Reaper (Distatix Mix)
(R) Northborne - The Pill
Frozen Plasma - Earthling
The Prodigy - Omen
(R) VNV Nation - Nemesis
1200 Micrograms - Acid for Nothing
Infected Mushroom - Smashing The Opponent
Dead Can Dance - The Ubiquitous Mr. Lovegrove

An evening of Nautical and Pirate themed performances presented by the Midnight Muse Revue!

Featuring the Vintage Vixen of Burlesque, Theodora Brass!

Friday, August 14th
10pm: doors open with 2-4-1's
11pm: showtime!

Ground Zero Nightclub


Playlist for Harder Monday 8.10.09

Harder Monday 8-10-09

(r) = request

Hex-RX - Eviscerate
Klangstabil - Math & Emotion (the square root of three)
NIN - Capital G (phones 666 rpm mix)
Orange Sector - Legend
Combichrist - All Your Bass Belongs to Us
Xuberx - Forgive, Forget (Iris Mix)
Unter Null - Destry Me (Noisuf-X vs X-fusion Mix)
Retractor - Annihilation (preemptive strike 0.1 remix)
Mesmer's Eyes - Judgement Day
Alter Der Ruine - Relax and Ride It (handlebar mix by Memmaker)

Feindflug - Truppenschau
Noisuf-X - Dance of the Knights
Terrorfakt - Achtung! (Cervello Electronico mix)
Xotox - Tote Baume
Endif - Crackpipe
Das Ich - Opferzeit
Din Fiv - We Are
Fixer McCarthy - Pistol Whipper
Eisbrecher - Willkommen Im Nichts
Alien Vampires - Fuck Off and Die

Heimatarde - Vater (Aura Lessus Mixtura)
Reaper - Totengrabber 07
Nachtmahr - Alpha/Omega
Tactical Sekt - Synscope
Virtual Embrace - Roots of Evil


Suicide Commando - Hellraiser (VNV Nation remix)
S.I.N.A. - Bewegungsablauf
SAM - Hardbeat Trama (MOdulate Mix)

Nitrogen noise dv8 tag team
Prodigy - Omen (Noisia remix)
Combichrist - Kickstart The Fight
Skinny Puppy - Warlock (Rhys Fulber Remix)
(R) Sister Machine Gun - Burn
(R) APC - Counting Bodies Like Sheep...
:Wumpscut: - Christfuck
Zombie Girl - House Of 1000 Corpses
Marilyn Manson - mOBSCENE
Hydraglyph - Electric Feed
(R) X-Fusion - My Inner Storm Blows
(R) BiGod 20 - The Bog (shot mix)
(R) Lords of Acid - I Sit on Acid
Faderhead - TZDV
Rotersand - Storm (Haujobb's reinforced by Destroid)
VNV - Honour
(R) Brudershaft - Return (Imperative Reaction Mix)
(R) The Galan Pixs - Acid Anger Again
Reaper - Twisted Trophy Hunter (Vampire Freaks edit)
(R) Das Ich - Destillat (VNV Nation remix)
Apoptygma Berzerk - Unicorn (Hocico remix)
Covenant - Like Tears in Rain
(R) Tool - Sober
(R) Alien Sex Fiend - I Walk the Line
Pigface - Sick Asp Fuck
(R) Wumpscut - Churist, Churist
(R) Neuroticfish - They're Coming to Take Me Away
God Module - Sections
A23 - Skin
(R) Die Form - Masochist II
Terminal Choice - Forbidden Love (Working)

Tonight at Hard Monday

We are proud to bring in End:The DJ from Charlotte NC to Hard Monday.

Check his vampire freaks profile here and his myspace profile here

Some quotes about End:

"#1 Industrial Club DJ- The DJ List.com"
"The Best EBM DJ I've ever heard- Ginger Snap5"
"Top notch DJ...fills the dance floors- Sebastian Komor"
"Don't you think you're pushing it a little?- Terrorfakt"

No Cover
$2 Grain Belt Premium
$3 Jagermeister

Who buys these things

I found another one of those weird products, check it out

Playlist for 7-27-09

DJ SLT from KFAI came out an played a set last night, that was fun. Next week we have End:The DJ all the way from NC so be sure not to miss it.

Here is the playlist from last night:

PlaylistCollapse )

In other news, did people see Vita.mn has both Ground Zero and Hard Mondays listed in their "Best Local DJ" list. YAY!

Only In Germany

This sprite ad goes WAY beyond anything advertisers could get away with over here.


Tonight's Playlist

Holy Requests Batman....

djnoise and I had a ton of fun DJing Bondage a Go Go tonight.

Pretty good crowd, packed dancefloor for most of the night.

Super high request percentage.

Here is the playlistCollapse )


It's going to be an awesome show tonight. We have over 30 acts!

Juggling, burlesque, comedy, music and so much more.

We even got on City Pages A-List

FlyerCollapse )

Playlist for Harder Monday 7.13.09

Not a bad night, people seemed to be a little more interested in What Jean and M were doing then dancing but that's ok, everyone seemed to have fun.

We also had another very unexpected person enter the shower.

Here is the playlist.

Hard Monday 7 - 13 - 09
playlistCollapse )


Tonight is Harder Monday at the Saloon.

Extra crunchy music

Jean Bardot working her magic

Fun to be had by all

No cover

Drink specials

She would be a hit at CON

Despite was failblog says...


You never know when you might need a....

Yes it's a real product, you can order them here: http://www.thebrowncorporation.com/

CON in City Pages

There is a pretty nice write up in City Pages about CONvergence (thank you theseamster for the heads up)

This is also the third event I've DJ'd this year that has been written up (YAY) (Rubber Ball and Goth Prom being the two others)

Playlist for 7.6.09

Tonight ended up much better than I expected. I thought the long weekend and CON would have totally killed the night, but not so much. It wasn't the busiest night ever, but I have a pretty good dance floor for most of the night. Tons of requests played, which is expected due to the slower night

DJ noise threw his back out at CON so I ended up doing the night solo.

Hard Monday 7-6-09

PlaylistCollapse )

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